6v6 Tempe Tuesdays - Adult Soccer

NEW SEASON: January 30th, 2018

Tuesday Night is ladies night with SGS as the Tempe Women’s 6v6 league takes to the field. We are also offering coed and men’s divisions due to popular demand! Games are in the east valley Tempe/Chandler area between 6-10pm. We have soccer players of all ages and skill levels, from former college to brand new players. Like all of our leagues, we have coed and men’s, but this is the only SGS league in the valley to offer all women’s teams! Even though Tuesday is ladies night, everyone is welcome!

If you are a free agent looking for a team or have your own group to join the league we can get you on the pitch.

What can you expect? Fast paced, fun soccer in a friendly environment. Plenty of touches on the ball. Competitive and recreational play.

Need more info? Here you go:

  • Games Tuesday nights 6-10pm
  • Games played at TSC or Benedict
  • 9 week season
  • 8 games guaranteed
  • 50 minute games
  • 150ft x 100ft field
  • 12 players max on roster
  • Licensed refs used
  • All Skill Levels
  • 1 keeper & 5 field players
  • Trophies & Prizes for winners
  • $50 per player or $380 per team


Now’s the time. Get off the couch and get involved in the action. Join our waiting list today as we have SOLD OUT for the last 4 years.

Small Goal Soccer


Women’s Division 1

Rank Team W D L PTS
1 Hooligans 5 1 0 16
2 BarcaFriends  2 2 2 8
3 Balls So Hard 2 0 4 6
4 Rebel Tacos  0 3 3 3

Men’s Division 1

Rank Team W D L PTS
1 Bodak Yellow  7 0 0 21
2 Lego Builders  6 1 1 19
3 Maple Ash FC 4 2 2 14
4 St. Marin AC 4 1 3 13
5 CD BOSS 2 1 5 7
6 BPV 1 1 6 4
7 FF. FC  0 0 7 0

Coed Division 1

Rank Team W D L PTS
1 BoomBox  6 1 1 19
2 FC Nutmegs 3 2 3 11
3 StormDroopers 3 2 3 11
4 77 FC 2 2 4 8
5 Los Suns 2 1 5 7

Coed Division 2

Rank Team W D L PTS
1 Top Notch Fut 6 0 0 18
2 FC Falcons 3 1 2 10
3 Team Awesome 1 1 3 4
4 Luquita 0 0 5 0

Coed Division 3

Rank Team W D L PTS
1 Dominators 5 0 1 15
2 Strikers 5 0 1 15
3 Taco’s 1 1 4 4
4 UnReal Madrid  0 1 5 1


11/07/17NEW SEASON  NEW SEASON Tempe Sports Complex
8403 S Hardy Dr
Tempe AZ 85284
11/07/17630PM FF FC vs. St. Marin AC0-12Men's1TSC South Fields
11/07/17900PM BoomBox vs. Los Suns4-2CoEd D12TSC South Fields
11/07/17630PM Luquita vs. FC Falcons2-7CoEd D23TSC South Fields
11/07/17720PM UnReal Madrid vs. Dominators1-3CoEd D33TSC South Fields
11/07/17810PM Lego Builders vs. Bodak Yellow1-4Men's 3TSC South Fields
11/07/17900PM Taco's vs. Strikers6-7CoEd D33TSC South Fields
11/07/17630PM Hooligans vs. BarcaFriends8-2Women's 4TSC South Fields
11/07/17720PM Maple Ash FC vs. CD Boss3-4Men's 4TSC South Fields
11/07/17810PM Balls so Hard vs. Rebel Tacos 2-1Women's4TSC South Fields
11/07/17900PM StormDroopers vs. FC Nutmegs6-5CoEd D14TSC South Fields
11/14/17WEEK 2WEEK 2Tempe Sports Complex
8403 S Hardy Dr
Tempe AZ 85284
11/14/17720PM Lego Builders vs. BPV10-1Mens's 1TSC South Fields
11/14/17810PM BoomBox vs. StormDroopers 5-4CoEd D1 1TSC South Fields
11/14/17900PM Top Notch Fut vs. FC Falcons8-2CoEd D21TSC South Fields
11/14/17630PM Top Notch Fut vs. Team Awesome 3-0CoEd D2 2TSC South Fields
11/14/17720PM Maple Ash FC vs. FF FC 6-1Men's 2TSC South Fields
11/14/17810PM Los Suns vs. 77FC 4-2CoEd D12TSC South Fields
11/14/17900PM FC Nutmegs vs. 77FC 2-4CoEd D12TSC South Fields
11/14/17720PM Bodak Yellow vs. St. Marin AC3-0Men's 3TSC South Fields
11/14/17810PM BPV vs. St. Marin AC 4-8Men's 3TSC South Fields
11/14/17900PM Rebel Tacos vs. BarcaFriends 1-1Women's 3TSC South Fields
11/14/17720PM Taco's vs. UnReal Madrid 4-0CoEd D34TSC South Fields
11/14/17810PM Strikers vs. Dominators 2-6CoEd D34TSC South Fields
11/28/17WEEK 3WEEK 3Tempe Sports Complex
8403 S Hardy Dr
Tempe AZ 85284
11/28/17630PM Top Notch Fut vs. Luquita6-0CoEd D2 1TSC South Fields
11/28/17720PM FC Falcons vs. Team Awesome 3-3CoEd D2 1TSC South Fields
11/28/17810PM BoomBox vs. FC Nutmegs11-6CoEd D11TSC South Fields
11/28/17900PM BPV vs. Bodak Yellow4-16Men's 1TSC South Fields
11/28/17630PM UnReal Madrid vs. Strikers 0-5CoEd D32TSC South Fields
11/28/17720PM StormDroopers vs. Los Suns 4-3CoEd D12TSC South Fields
11/28/17810PM Lego Builders vs. Maple Ash FC 3-3Men's 2TSC South Fields
11/28/17900PM StormDroopers vs. 77FC3-2CoEd D12TSC South Fields
11/28/17630PM Balls so Hard vs. Hooligans 2-5Women's 3TSC South Fields
11/28/17720PM Dominators vs. Taco's 7-5CoEd D33TSC South Fields
11/28/17810PM BarcaFriends vs. Balls so Hard 6-2Women's 3TSC South Fields
11/28/17720PM Hooligans vs. Rebel Tacos6-3Women's 4TSC South Fields
11/28/17810PM FF. FC vs. CD Boss1-3Men's 4TSC South Fields
11/28/17900PM St. Marin AC vs. CD Boss4-1Men's 4TSC South Fields
12/05/17WEEK 4Tempe Sports Complex
8403 S Hardy Dr
Tempe AZ 85284
12/05/17630PM Maple Ash FC vs. BPV3-2Men's 1TSC South Fields
12/05/17720PMBodak Yellow vs. Maple Ash FC 6-3Men's 1TSC South Fields
12/05/17810PM Bodak Yellow vs. CD Boss 5-1Men's 1TSC South Fields
12/05/17900PM Dominators vs. UnReal Madrid 5-1CoEd D31TSC South Fields
12/05/17720PM BarcaFriends vs. Hooligans 2-4Women's 2TSC South Fields
12/05/17810PM Los Suns vs. StormDroopers3-1CoEd D12TSC South Fields
12/05/17900PM FC Nutmegs vs. Los Suns2-1CoEd D12TSC South Fields
12/05/17630PM Team Awesome vs. Luquita 2-0CoEd D2 3TSC South Fields
12/05/17720PMStrikers vs. Taco's 4-0CoEd D33TSC South Fields
12/05/17810PM Balls So Hard vs. Rebel Tacos 2-1Women's 3TSC South Fields
12/05/17630PM Lego Builders vs. FF. FC 8-3Men's 4TSC South Fields
12/05/17720PMSt. Marin AC vs. Lego Builders 3-5Men's 4TSC South Fields
12/05/17810PM BoomBox vs. 77 FC 8-3CoEd D14TSC South Fields
12/05/17900PM FC Falcons vs. Top Notch Fut2-6CoEd D2 4TSC South Fields
12/12/17WEEK 5WEEK 5Tempe Sports Complex
8403 S Hardy Dr
Tempe AZ 85284
12/12/17630PM FC Falcons vs. Luquita 4-1CoEd D2 1TSC South Fields
12/12/17720PMUnReal Madrid vs. Taco's 3-3CoEd D31TSC South Fields
12/12/17810PM Los Suns vs. BoomBox 2-6CoEd D11TSC South Fields
12/12/17900PM FC Nutmegs vs. 77 FC5-5CoEd D11TSC South Fields
12/12/17720PMCD Boss vs. Lego Builders1-5Men's 2TSC South Fields
12/12/17810PM FC Nutmegs vs. StormDroopers1-5CoEd D12TSC South Fields
12/12/17900PM Top Notch Fut vs. Team Awesome9-2CoEd D2 2TSC South Fields
12/12/17630PM FF. FC vs. Bodak Yellow 0-3Men's 3TSC South Fields
12/12/17720PMFF. FC vs. BPV0-3Men's 3TSC South Fields
12/12/17810PM CD Boss vs. BPV4-4Men's 3TSC South Fields
12/12/17900PM Maple Ash FC vs. St. Marin AC 2-0Men's 3TSC South Fields
12/12/17720PMDominators vs. Strikers 1-3CoEd D34TSC South Fields
12/12/17810PM Hooligans vs. Balls So Hard7-0Women's 4TSC South Fields
12/12/17900PM BarcaFriends vs. Rebel Tacos0-0Women's 4TSC South Fields
12/19/17WEEK 6WEEK 6Tempe Sports Complex
8403 S Hardy Dr
Tempe AZ 85284
12/19/17630PM Luqita vs. Team Awesome 1-1CoEd D2TSC South Fields
12/19/17720PMLuqita vs. Top Notch Fut2-5CoEd D2 TSC South Fields
12/19/17810PM StormDroopers vs. BoomBox4-4CoEd D1TSC South Fields
12/19/17900PM FC Nutmegs vs. BoomBox 3-2CoEd D1TSC South Fields
12/19/17630PM Balls so Hard vs. BarcaFriends3-4Women's TSC South Fields
12/19/17720PMLego Builders vs. CD BOSS5-2Men's TSC South Fields
12/19/17810PM Taco's vs. Dominators5-8CoEd D3TSC South Fields
12/19/17900PM 77 FC vs. Los Suns4-2CoEd D1TSC South Fields
12/19/17720PMMaple Ash FC vs. St. Marin AC 4-4Men's TSC South Fields
12/19/17900PM Bodak Yellow vs. BPV3-0Men's TSC South Fields
12/19/17720PMTeam Awesome vs. FC Falcons 5-6CoEd D2TSC South Fields
12/19/17810PM Strikers vs. UnReal Madrid 5-2CoEd D3TSC South Fields
12/19/17900PM Rebel Tacos vs. Hooligans 0-0Women's TSC South Fields
01/09/2018WEEK 7WEEK 7Benedict Park
Benedict Park
01/09/2018Benedict Park
01/09/2018720PMTop Notch Fut vs. Luquita 5-2CoEd D2 SEMI FINAL1Benedict Park
810PM BoomBox vs. 77 FC 2-0CoEd D11Benedict Park
01/09/2018900PM StormDroopers vs. 77 FC 3-3CoEd D11Benedict Park
01/09/2018630PM Domintaors vs. UnReal Madrid 4-2CoEd D3 SEMI FINAL2Benedict Park
01/09/2018720PMFC Falcons vs. Team Awesome 2-1CoEd D2 SEMI FINAL2Benedict Park
01/09/2018810PM Strikers vs. Taco's 1-0CoEd D3 SEMI FINAL2Benedict Park
01/09/2018900PM Los Suns vs. FC Nutmegs 6-6CoEd D12Benedict Park
01/09/2018630PM Lego Builders vs. FF FC 3-0Men's 3Benedict Park
01/09/2018720PMHooligans vs. Rebel Tacos 7-0Women's SEMI FINAL 3Benedict Park
01/09/2018810PM BarcaFriends vs. Balls So Hard 0-2Women's SEMI FINAL 3Benedict Park
01/09/2018720PMMaple Ash FC vs. BPV8-0Men's 4Benedict Park
01/09/2018810PM St Marin AC vs. CD BOSS4-3Men's 4Benedict Park
01/16/2018Semi Finals Semi Finals
01/16/2018720PMTop Notch Fut vs. FC FalconsD2 FINAL 1Benedict Park
01/16/2018810PM Lego Builder vs. Maple Ash FC Mens SEMI FINAL 1Benedict Park
01/16/2018900PM FC Nutmegs vs. StormDroopers D1 SEMI FINAL 1Benedict Park
01/16/2018720PMUnReal Madrid vs. Tacos Consolation 2Benedict Park
01/16/2018810PM Los Suns vs. TBDConsolation 2Benedict Park
01/16/2018900PM BoomBox vs. 77 FC D1 SEMI FINAL 2Benedict Park
01/16/2018720PMBodak Yellow vs. St. Marin ACMens SEMI FINAL 3Benedict Park
01/16/2018810PM BarcaFriends vs. Rebel Tacos Consolation 3Benedict Park
01/16/2018900PM Hooligans vs. Balls So Hard Womens FINAL 3Benedict Park
01/16/2018630PM Luquita vs. Team Awesome Consolation 4Benedict Park
01/16/2018720PMCD Boss vs, BPVConsolation 4Benedict Park
01/16/2018810PM Dominators vs. Strikers D3 FINAL4Benedict Park
Benedict Park
01/23/2018FINALS FINALS Benedict Park

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